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I am Dhon, a seasoned web and mobile application developer with over two decades of experience. Through my extensive professional background, I aim to impart valuable technical knowledge that will undoubtedly enhance your web development experience. I look forward to sharing insights and expertise to contribute to your success in the field.
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Technical Expertise

Web & Mobile Application Development

Throughout my career, I have been intricately involved in the design, planning, development, and maintenance of both web and mobile applications, transforming concepts into reality or enhancing existing systems to become more robust, secure, and scalable. Whether through revamping current infrastructures or creating entirely new systems, I have consistently delivered solutions that align with organizational preferences and goals.

My expertise lies in the utilization of LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, and PHP), which serve as the cornerstone of my development work. Complementing these core technologies, I have also effectively employed APIs, Node.js, and Python, leveraging their capabilities to deliver high-level systems that meet diverse business needs.

In addition, I have extensive experience with several PHP frameworks, including Laravel, CodeIgniter, and CakePHP, which facilitate the development of efficient and maintainable code. To enhance the user interface and user experience (UI/UX), I incorporate front-end technologies such as Bootstrap, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Vue.js. These tools enable me to create dynamic and responsive interfaces that significantly improve user engagement and satisfaction.

By integrating these technologies and methodologies, I ensure that the applications I develop are not only functional but also optimized for performance and scalability. My commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and advancements allows me to continually deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive business success.

Wordpress Development

WordPress has been a cornerstone of web development for many years, and my experience with it dates back to its early release around 2007. During my tenure at various companies and as a freelance developer, I have engaged extensively with WordPress, specializing in in-depth custom plugin integration, custom theme development, API integration, and the creation of tailored code snippets.

My expertise extends to working with a variety of commercial plugins, including WooCommerce, HubSpot, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Mailchimp, and LearnDash, among others. These tools have allowed me to enhance the functionality and user experience of WordPress sites significantly. Additionally, I am proficient in using professional design tools such as Oxygen Builder, Elementor Pro, and Divi to create visually appealing and highly functional websites.

This comprehensive experience with WordPress and its associated technologies enables me to deliver bespoke solutions that meet specific client needs, ensuring robust performance, aesthetic appeal, and seamless integration of various functionalities.

Server & Repositories Administration

I also possess extensive experience in server administration, proficiently managing a variety of cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), DigitalOcean, and IBM Cloud. My expertise encompasses the complete setup and configuration of these servers to support system requirements across development, staging, and production environments. Furthermore, I am adept at integrating specific cloud products, such as AWS S3 for file storage and AWS RDS for databases, tailoring solutions to align with the preferred infrastructure of the company or its clients.

In addition to server administration, I am skilled in managing code repositories utilizing version control systems such as Git. My proficiency extends to platforms like GitHub, BitBucket, AWS CodeCommit, and GitLab. I ensure seamless integration with DevOps practices, particularly in the implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. This integration enhances development workflows, promoting efficiency and consistency across all stages of the software development lifecycle.

My comprehensive capabilities in both server management and version control systems enable me to provide robust support for complex IT environments, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and scalability. By leveraging these skills, I contribute to the development and maintenance of high-quality software solutions that meet and exceed organizational objectives.

Technical Solutions Provider

Many companies and clients often encounter technical issues that extend beyond the scope of the systems we are directly managing. For instance, setting up a comprehensive workspace for an entire organization, whether utilizing Google Workspace or Zoho Workspace, is a common requirement. Additionally, there are other needs such as implementing Human Resource (HR) systems with time logging capabilities, deploying Salesforce systems for sales teams and distributors, establishing database API links, or integrating various in-house tools designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

My role frequently involves addressing these diverse technical challenges, ensuring that all necessary systems and tools are configured and optimized to support the efficient functioning of the organization. This holistic approach not only resolves immediate technical issues but also contributes to the overall effectiveness and ease of workflow within the company.

DevOps Administration

Although DevOps is a relatively recent discipline, I have had the opportunity to manage Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline implementations for several contemporary projects. Utilizing tools such as CircleCI and Jira's pipeline, in conjunction with containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, I have successfully orchestrated seamless deployment processes. My experience includes integrating these pipelines with version control systems such as Bitbucket and GitHub, as well as incorporating automated code testing to ensure quality and reliability.

While I am proficient with these specific tools, I am also capable of adapting to and managing other commercially available CI/CD systems. My comprehensive understanding of DevOps practices allows me to effectively streamline development workflows, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain high standards of software delivery.

Development Personnel & Project Management

For over a decade, I have had the privilege of managing teams in various companies, overseeing between 6 and 50 personnel. My responsibilities have encompassed Developers, Designers, Quality Assurance (QA) specialists, Server Administrators, Web Marketing professionals, and Team Leaders. This has involved all aspects of the recruitment process, from interviewing and hiring to conducting performance reviews and providing training.

I implement Agile methodologies, utilizing sprint cycles of 2 to 4 weeks, and ensure daily updates to maintain progress and transparency. Additionally, I oversee feature point allocation and code documentation, leveraging Jira as the primary tool for managing our sprints and facilitating efficient project management. This structured approach ensures a cohesive workflow and fosters a productive, collaborative environment.

Web & Social Media Marketing

Although this falls outside my primary scope of work, I am eager to expand my expertise in web and social media marketing. This includes mastering webpage search engine optimization (SEO) through the use of Google Search Console to ensure all pages are optimized and to identify those with higher engagement via specific keywords and effective phrasing. Additionally, I am proficient in optimizing page speed, employing tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, and GTmetrix to achieve top performance grades.

I also specialize in creating landing pages tailored with specific keywords for search engines and web crawlers. My marketing strategies extend to social media platforms, where I craft posts for Facebook/Meta, LinkedIn, and Instagram, incorporating Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and ad creation. Furthermore, I utilize A/B testing to focus engagement on targeted audiences, ensuring optimal marketing outcomes.

Portfolio Showcase

The website dhonc.com has been meticulously crafted using WordPress as the content management system, integrating essential elements such as Cloudflare for web security, AI-generated images for visual content, and Lighthouse for search engine optimization (SEO). Hosted on Ubuntu Linux, the site is powered by a robust technological stack that includes PHP, Javascript, CSS, and MySQL. The design process is executed with precision through Figma, ensuring a comprehensive and well-structured user interface and experience. In addition to this technical endeavor, I have played a pivotal role in various projects, contributing to their successful realization.
dhonc.com portfolio
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Technologies Used

Throughout my professional journey, I have acquired proficiency in a diverse array of technologies. here are some of the technologies I worked with.
  • Programming Languages
  • Database Development
  • Development Frameworks
  • Other Programming Languages

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Introducing Dhon, a seasoned developer excelling in web and mobile app development. Known for creating innovative and user-friendly solutions, Dhon is proficient in both front-end and back-end technologies, ensuring seamless digital experiences.
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